About Me


Where to start.. I just recently got engaged! (SO EXCITED) the picture of us is actually the day we got engaged! Anywhooo, I am currently planning a wedding, homeschooling  my two kids ( thank you covid),a dog mom, a photographer, and a lash stylist! phew! When I am not doing that, I enjoy going for hikes, paddle boarding, golfing, yoga, running, and netflixing! 

Photography started for me when I realized I wanted to take better quality pictures of my children, from there I learned more and more from youtube videos and other photographers. It became a hobby and a passion, I absolutely loved being able to take pictures of my children, so I started with friends who would ask, and from there I just expanded and wanted to be able to capture special moments for everyone! 

Thanks for taking an interest in getting to know me a little more! 

xo, Chelsea